Resin Infiltration

What is ICON Infiltration Resin?

White spot lesions or enamel hypocalcification, also known as hypo spots are visible white spots on the surface of your teeth that can result from wearing braces, poor oral hygiene, or infection. 

Resin infiltration is a type of restorative dental treatment which utilizes a combination of acid and resin filling to remove these spots from the teeth without anesthesia or dental drills and restore the enamel to its normal appearance. 

The infiltration resin penetrates the enamel to fade white spots. At ToothTown Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Tom and Dr. Lulu are expert pediatric dentists who perform this treatment so your child can appreciate their smile again.

What Causes White Spots or Hypo Spots?

There are many different sources of these discolored spots on your tooth’s enamel, including:

  • Wearing braces
  • Lack of fluoride
  • A buildup of plaque, bacteria, or acid
  • History of orthodontic treatments
  • Diet high in sugar

What Does the Procedure Consist Of?

First, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned. A rubber dam is placed around your gums so the acid doesn’t affect your gums. Then, the surface of your enamel is removed through the use of a 15% hydrochloric acid which removes the white spots on the teeth and is left on for 2 minutes. This step may have to be repeated multiple times.

This solution is then removed through the use of an air-water spray and then the area is dried. Finally, the resin will be applied to the affected teeth and cured through light. This process is repeated and then the teeth are polished.

Benefits of Infiltration Resin

Effective – Infiltration resin effectively removes white spots and blends in seamlessly with your natural tooth enamel. This treatment can be performed on children so there is no waiting period unlike other dental treatments like veneers.

Affordable – This is a cost-effective treatment because it is minimally invasive. Anesthesia and drilling costs can rack up costs, but none of that is necessary during infiltration resin treatments.

Minimally Invasive – No anesthesia or drilling required. This is a quick and painless procedure that requires no alteration in your routine or specialized aftercare.

How Long Does This Treatment Last?

How long this treatment lasts varies depending on how you maintain your teeth. The treatment is not permanent and is estimated to last for about 2-5 years, at which time the patient will have to come back to repeat the treatment for the best results.

Sedation Options

At ToothTown Pediatric Dentistry, we offer sedation services to put your child at ease during their dental treatment. Sedation is a great option for kids who experience significant dental anxiety, have phobias about needles, or have great difficulty sitting still for long periods.

We offer three different types of sedation, including laughing gas, oral conscious sedation, and general anesthesia for more serious oral surgeries. Sedation will make your child feel very sleepy and relaxed and they likely won’t even remember their dental treatment. To find out more about dental sedation, visit our website or contact us at (470) 523-8090.

Ready to Find Out if Resin Infiltration Is Right for You?

Resin infiltration is a great alternative to treatments like teeth whitening and mico-abrasion. It’s minimally invasive so there’s nothing to be scared about but if your child is still nervous about their dental treatment, we do offer sedation services. Book a consultation at ToothTown Pediatric Dentistry to find out if infiltration resin is right for your child.